Why Cash App Bitcoin Withdrawal Not Working? [reasons and solution]

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Now days Mobile Apps used for online money transfer are fast becoming very popular among the mobile users all over the world. One such App is Cash app. Cash App is fast becoming popular in USA for its easy and simple user interface.  This cash app has made selling Bitcoin easier i.e. users can easily sell Bitcoin direct from the cash app account balance. In fact Cash app comes with different latest and best features for sending and receiving money in stipulated time. Now any user can easily buy or sell Bitcoins in simple way with the help of cash app.

Bitcoin is generally a first and well- known example of  new type of currency known as crypto currency. To buy a bitcoin, required balance should be maintained in the cash app account.

Despite its simple user interface, Cash App users, sometimes, faces problem in sending bitcoin through cash app.  In this case “Cash app bitcoin withdrawal not working” error is indicated. Since Cash app is known as an ideal platform for buying and selling bitcoin, when it comes to transfer the Bitcoin from Cash App.

Is Bitcoin Withdrawal possible through cash app?

Bitcoin withdrawal option is available from cash app customer service. If user is not able to verify his or her identity for purchasing and selling Bitcoin, prompt help is provided by Cash App Helpline. Balance is required for purchasing Bitcoin in the cash app account of the user. To view Bitcoin progress and limits in the cash app, User should visit Bitcoin section of Cash App and click on the option of viewing limits progress of Bitcoin. Automatic purchasing can also be done of Bitcoin on daily, weekly basis.

How to purchase bitcoin via cash app?

  • User should click on the investing tab of the cash app home screen.
  • Now user will have to click on the Bitcoin option of Cash app, then user should click on the buy option and enter the required amount.
  • Now user should Enter the PIN number and press the confirm option.

How to withdraw bitcoin via cashapp?

  • Log into the cash app.
  • Now user should click on the profile tab in the app.
  • Then user should find the bitcoin section and select the bitcoin button.
  • Here user should enable the option of bitcoin withdrawal.
  • Then user should verify the identity and click on the continue option.
  • Now user should enable the camera access to this app, and then scan the valid photo identity proof. Along with this face can be scanned for verification.
  • Then a message will appear bitcoin withdrawal approval is pending.

It may takes 24 to 48 hours of time to complete the approval. After the successful verification, email and notification will be received for Bitcoin withdrawal.

Simple method to withdraw Bitcoin:

  • First of all users should have a bitcoin balance.
  • User should search for deposit address on the app.
  • Then User should click on the withdrawal option on the cash app in bitcoin balance section.
    Now users should enter the amount of bitcoin for withdrawal and Scan the QR code. Users can also type Address manually.

In General if a user wants to buy Bitcoin via Cash app then verification of the identity of the user is required for purchasing bitcoin on cash app. Since Cash app follows the financial industry regulatory authority rules and also adhere to anti money laundering and know your customer regulations. The verification process is done by entering the full name and social security number of the user. The verification process takes few minutes to complete.


A notification will appear, as soon as the verification process, is completed. Sometimes “cash app withdrawal verification” process does not work.

Cash app bitcoin withdrawal verification:

This Process is required when the user adds it as a method of payment for purchasing the Bit coin.  Full name, date of birth and last four digits of social security is required for purchasing bitcoin. The verification process requires time of 24 hours.
Sometimes due to some error it seems that “Cash app bitcoin verification is taking forever” as the process does not competed even after 24 hours of time. Verification process of the information could take lots of time even up to 4 days.

Thus we can say that, these errors in bitcoin buying and selling process of Cash App, in verification process May takes place due to any technical error in the app, insufficient balance in the account of cash app etc. They can be easily resolved by following the simple procedures explained above and taking help of Cash App Customer service department. That’s why user prefer Cash App for purchasing Bitcoin more than any other medium of purchasing Bitcoin all over the World.


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