Cannot Activate Cash Card ? [solved]

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The cash app is a good platform which provides transaction and now it is also facilitating swipe up option that is the cash app has launched a card which is same as  the other debit cards which we use through these cash cards we don’t need to use a mobile that is by opening cash card application we can just swipe them simply on any Store according to your needs. In order to use this card you need to start this card just same as the debit card just after receiving it. This card is very convenient and easy to use so you must definitely have this card to meet your further expenses .

Activate Cash Card Without QR Code

  • Just open cash app application on your mobile phone
  • Go to the settings option after scrolling it to the bottom
  • After opening settings you will find a cash card option in it just tap on it
  • After opening it you will find cash card picture on your mobile
  • You will see an option where you just have to click on activate cash card option
  • After activating it just move down in the settings column where you will see help option just click on it to move to the next screen
  • The next screen will show an option to use CVV number in order to activate cash card after which your cash card will be activated

Activate Cash Card With QR Card ? 

If your cash card is not started by using the above way you can try the other way by trying to activate your cash card with the help of  QR code so that you can use your card or can enjoy the service which is provided by Cash app. This is the main way to active the card with the customer care suggests.

  • You have to start cash application on your device
  • Then you have to go to settings where you will find an picture of cash card and under that you will see activate cash card option
  • After which a QR code will appear on your mobile phone which you have to verify or scan by putting your camera  above it for few minutes
  • Make sure that the camera is directly above the QR code and the camera is not blur due to which camera will not be able to you can it which can cause problem in activation of your cash card.
  • While scanning it also make sure that you had a good internet connection so that it can scan properly.
  • It will scan automatically after which your phone will receive a message or popup in notification which will state that the card is activated successfully if the phone has properly scan the QR code.

If you are facing any problem and you are unable to activate cash card even after following the above step then you must call customer care so that they can provide help in activating it.


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