Why Cash App Direct Deposit Failed? [reasons and solution]

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Cash App is one of the famous platforms that is known for its mobile applications through which one can send and receive money and make transactions. When highlighted, Cash App is known for its wide variety of features as well as such as the security, protection, convenience their service provides. One will also be pleased to know how users can also link their credit and debit cards along linking the cash app account to their bank account. Now, one can also make direct deposits that can make their tasks twice as easier.

However, for a direct deposit one just needs to share their account and router number with the person who needs to send you the money and the process can be carried on. However, there are times when a question arises to force the person to think Why my direct deposit failed?

Before we get on to give you solutions for your question of Why my direct deposit failed? Firstly, let us discuss how to enable the services of direct deposit on our cash app account.

How to Enable Services of Direct Deposit on Cash App ?

  1. For anyone to be able to send and receive direct deposits, one needs to enable the option of direct deposit and for that one needs to have their card of cash app activated and running, if it is not activated that it is null to think that I was supposed to receive my direct deposit today but its not there.
  2. To set it up, go to the app from your device and find the option of my cash. After clicking on the cash button, find the option of Direct deposit and the from there onwards click on the option of ‘Find or get my account number’.
  3. Follow the prompts as they are presented and once done, one can copy and save their direct deposit account and routing number.

However, the issue that can arise with this hassle-free method is that one might fall as a victim to issues such as why my direct deposit failed?

How to Fix the Issue?

To fix this issue of why my direct deposit got failed or why my direct deposit showing under pending status, take care of the following things-

  1. First issue could be that with the amount. There is a limit to how much money can be sent in a day and if the deposit is that of 10,000$ in a day then the app prevents the transaction. In this case one could ask the person to else send the money in half and on two separate days. One should remember that the sent money which is failed will take up to 3-4 days to get returned to the sender.
  2. One can also go on the status page of cash app to see if an issue is already highlighted and under process from their end.
  3. Make sure to have an updated version of the app and not an outdated one due to which this issue could be arising.
  4. Make sure that the internet connection is stable from the end of both the users.
  5. In case of nothing else working, try to contact the support care through the app or customer care and get their expert guidance.

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